About the house

The “Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus” (DBH) has 74 rooms for students as well as six apartments for families of which at least one parent is a student. The size of the rooms ranges from 7 m² to 22 m². Generally, one flat consists of five rooms, a common kitchen, a shower/bathroom, toilets, and a house telephone, but there are larger and smaller flats as well. Internet is available in every room via the student union (Gigabit), but you’ll need your own network cable to use it. The rent depends on the size and furnishing of the room and ranges from 199 € und 416 €. For further details, including pictures of the rooms, please see the the rooms and prices here.


Most of the apartments are located in the main building, Königstraße 88. One flat at Venusbergweg 6 (V6) with nine rooms and a two person flat at Venusbergweg 4 (V4) belong to our residential accommodation as well. The largest flat is located at the Poppelsdorfer Allee 75 (Popp75) with 14 students living together. Popp77, directly next door, is the family house with apartments for students with children. Between those houses lies the garden, an ideal place to meet in the summer or to go for a snowball fight in the winter.



The main building and Popp75 have a laundry room each containing several washing machines and in some cases laundry driers. Residents of V4, V6, and Popp77 can access the washing machines in the main building; the costs are included in the rent.


Furthermore, you are invited to use the common rooms and the facilities in the main building. The common room in the top floor comes up with a TV and a collection of games. The bar in the basement is the location for the term parties, bar nights, and birthday parties. Additionally, in the main building you can find a table tennis, a football table, a rehearsal (music) room, and a prayer room.



Königsstraße 88

53115 Bonn

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Family house


In total there are six family flats. More about that here














Student house


70 students have a room in the DBH. More about that here.