Student committees & mentorships

At the beginning of each term, at the general assembly, the residents elect the representatives who want to take care of a specific part of the life at DBH for one semester. A current version of the rules of procedure of the house assembly can be found here (PDF) (german). Those committees mainly bring up administrative tasks and ensure that there is always at least one person responsible for a certain task. Furthermore, the list below gives insight into the activities of our house. For those of you who are already living at the DBH the list of the current occupation and additional helpful information can be found in the latest minutes of the house assembly.



Advisory board (Kuratorium)
sets the house rule and determines the budget for the DBH
Management board (Heimleitung)
makes decisions on issues about the house
Selection committee (Auswahlausschuss)
decides which applications will be accepted
Senior baord (Seniorat)
weekly meeting of representatives of all flats




Chair of senior board
plans and conducts the weekly senior board
Trustee of the solidarity fund
administrates the account of the “Solikasse” (an account where residents may make a contribution for those residents who are in need)
advises residents at the DBH confidentially whenever financial shortages occur or whenever there are problems within a living community



organizes trips
organizes parties and bar evenings in our house bar
Contact: barmentorat [at]
Roof terrace/ TV-room
makes sure that the terrace and the TV-room are in good shape
administrates the bike garage and organizes bike trips
organizes movie nights and administrates the projector 
kümmert sich um das Foodsharingregal
Food sharing
takes care of the food sharing shelf
takes, collects and administrates pictures
organises breakfasts for the dorm, motivates house residents to organise breakfasts and administrates the key to the kitchen
organizes activities to improve our garden
collects all birthdates for a birthday calendar and surprises residents on their birthdays with a small present
motivates house residents to organize cooking evenings and organizes the running dinner
makes sure that we have a good relationship with our neighbours
Network tutors
they handle the registration of the internet accounts and are the contact persons if there are problems with the internet
Contact: internet [at]
organizes board game parties and administrates our board game collection
organizes sport events and administrates our sports equipment
administrates of this website
Contact: webseite [at]